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Pen Scratch Verse 182 by American Artist Michael Caimbeul


February 5, 2020. This is the day that the United States Senate chose to acquit Republican President Donald Trump of the impeachment charges brought against him by the Democratic controlled House of Representatives. I found the evidence of his guilt compelling. Except for just one of its members, the majority Republican senators chose to stand firm behind their leader. The loyalty to their party is admirable. It’s a valuable commodity in our times of divisive politics. On the other hand, party loyalty doesn’t always align with the best interests of we the people. Ever since corporations gained personhood and began financing politicians, corporate interests have gained paramountcy.

Today, we live in a New Republic. The balance of power has shifted beneath our feet. All that remains for the President and his Executive Branch of loyalists to consolidate their power is to seize control over the Supreme Court of the United States. All they need is a little more time.

Meanwhile, after centuries of human remodeling, Earth’s web of life is over-stressed and in meltdown. Our planet is overheated. Wildfires across drought-stricken grasslands and forests rage with unusual ferocity. The polar ice caps are melting faster than predicted. Mountain glaciers are retreating. Sea levels are rising, redefining coastlines worldwide. Storms powered by overheated oceanic waters batter our coastal cities and island nations, inundating our lives.

The choice is ours. We could hold on firmly to our Chosen One, our Messiah. We could hold onto his promise to make our lives great again: well-paying jobs, a home to raise our families, education for our kids, health care when needed, and a nest-egg for our retirement years. Some among us also hold onto his promise to restore Christian values within our homes, schools, workplaces, communities, and across our nation. Based on some of their actions, it is not a Christian value to uplift the downtrodden and the fallen in their time of need. That’s socialism—to be rejected at all costs.

The future of our nation and the planet our children and grandchildren will inhabit depend on the choices we make in the year 2020. Like our Republican senators, we can put our self-interests and party loyalty before all else. We can choose to remain on the capitalist path of global ecocide, or we can choose to take that least traveled path of protecting what remains of our planetary web of life. We will have no second chance at failure. Time is no longer on our side.

What will it take to free our nation from the grasp of a beloved Chosen One whose loyal followers believe that he has their best interests at heart? Just ask the survivors of the Jonestown Massacre in Guyana on November 18, 1978.

The choice is ours. We could do everything within our power to free ourselves from his grip or we could choose to die with him.