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Claire de Lune (2019) by Audrey Kawasaki

This Mother’s Day 2021, I share the poem “Mother Did You Know” written by fellow blogger, Swarn Gill. He captures with precision my own experience as a woman and mother. I’m heartened that he’s able to see the truth of millions of years of social conditioning of the human species.

*I dedicate this poem to women in general, but also to my mom, who is an amazing woman and still inspires me to be more to this day.

mother did you know
it’s all your fault
you caused the fall
of man
that them’s the breaks
when you talk to snakes

mother did you know
you’re not quite human
humans should be a male
those other parts
aren’t on the chart

Continue reading at Swarn Gill’s blog, Cloak Unfurled.

Swarn Gill, a biracial Canadian, is a professor of Atmospheric and Earth Science. He lives in Pennsylvania, USA.