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World Beyond War Video

The warmongers among us who benefit from endless war would like us to believe that the human species is wired for warfare, that violence is the only effective response to aggression from our enemies. If that were true, we would not have survived as a species.

Warfare has served only to dominate weaker peoples or states for territorial expansion, control of resources, and a cheap subservient labor force. In modern times, war serves to secure the world’s oil resources held by so-called enemy states. In a not-too-distant future, fresh water and food production zones will replace our relentless pursuit for liquid black gold.

To feed the institutionalized War Machine, consuming the major part of our tax dollars, there appears to be no end to the countries that threaten our national security: North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Islamic State in Syria. Iran, Russia, and Venezuela now form part of the threatening mix.

Could the Caribbean Region be next on the Threat List?

On March 12, 2015, in a Pentagon Press Briefing, U.S. Commander of Southern Command, General John Kelly, expressed concern about tracking the movement of recruits traveling from the Caribbean Region to join Islamic extremists in Syria. While the General assured those present that there’s no current threat to the United States, he expressed concern that small Caribbean nations are ill-equipped to monitor these newly-trained Islamic extremists.

“But the smaller countries,” General Kelly said, “they don’t have…a functioning legal justice system that we have, an FBI that we have, you know, layers and layers of clean policemen and women. A lot of these countries just don’t have that…” He later added, “[T]hese countries I’m talking about, Trinidad, Jamaica, places like that, Surinam, small numbers, but they don’t have that ability to track these folks.”

If you are war-weary like I am and would like to see an end to our permanent state of warfare and national insecurity, you can join the Spring Rising: An Anti-War Intervention in Washington DC during March 18 to 21.

An “eye for an eye” attitude has trapped our species in a death-loop. More constructive and peaceful means already exist for dealing with aggressors and conflict situations. Join the World Beyond War global nonviolent movement to end war and establish a just and sustainable peace. Learn about A Blueprint for Ending War: An Alternative Global Security System.

We can change our course. While there’s still time.