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Bombed-out Street in Aleppo - Syria

On Thursday night, April 3rd, our president unilaterally and without congressional approval launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on a Syrian airbase, the alleged site of a chemical attack that targeted innocent civilians. The dust had not yet settled. No United Nations investigation of the heinous crime was conducted to determine the type of chemical weapons used and the perpetrators. But we – the defenders of democracy, peace, freedom, and humanitarianism – know, beyond all doubt, that Syria’s brutal dictator was responsible.

After killing innocent children and beautiful babies, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had to be sent a strong message. Military power is strength. Money is no problem.

According to MarketWatch, each Tomahawk missile, made by Raytheon, costs about $1 million. To replace those 59 missiles with the upgraded version would cost an estimated $88.5 million. “Shares of Raytheon rallied in early Friday trading, but their gains moderated as the session went on.”

Raytheon Tomahawk Cruise Missiles

Raytheon Tomahawk Cruise Missiles

Our new president has now been baptized with blood. In the face of inhumane aggression against the Syrian people, he has shown decisiveness and strength. He has now become our legitimate Commander-in-Chief. North Korea is now on notice. Russia and Iran, both supporters of Assad, beware.

The power elite would like us to believe that military force will bring peace and prosperity to the peoples of the world who suffer under oppressive governments. If we are prepared to take a critical look, the evidence tells another story. Our wars in the Middle East and Northern Africa have driven millions of people, including innocent children and beautiful babies, from their homelands. The refugee crisis threatens to destabilize the European Union. Here in the United States, our humanitarian-concerned government prohibits the entry of Syrian and other Muslim refugees, considered a threat to our security.

Syrian Children Refugees - Domiz Refugee Camp - Northern Iraq

Syrian Children Refugees – Domiz Refugee Camp – Northern Iraq
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Apart from protecting America’s interests worldwide, our endless wars fatten the corporate beast that feeds on this massive, industrial, financial and other services, profit-making enterprise. Warfare is capitalism run amok in a culture that views restraint as a weakness.

Bombed-out Street in Aleppo, Syria
Photo Credit: MiddleEastEye