I’m finally catching up after a year-end, ten-day break. No TV. No Internet.  My son, an independent contractor, decided that the December holiday season was the best time for him to tackle the flooring of our rental apartment that was in critical need of repair and renovation.

What a jolt to return to the drums of war with Iran! I missed sharing my year-end reflections, now rendered meaningless in the face of such reckless decision-making. In this New Year 2020, I wish that saner minds will prevail across our nation and worldwide.

During my absence from WordPress, I missed the following praise for Under the Tamarind Tree: A Novel, posted on my blog on December 28, 2019, by American bilingual writer Rebecca Cuningham, blogging at Fake Flamenco:

Characters extremely compelling.

Rosaliene, I’ve read your novel! I learned so much about Guyana; history, culture, language, food, and the ethnic backgrounds of the country. I felt I was learning deep culture from an expert and that my time reading was a journey. The characters were extremely compelling. The years leading up to independence from Britain are so momentous and full of tension. What a surprise ending and it also seemed right. Thank you for the education and the well crafted story.

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