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A Canção de Natal / The Christmas Song by Prisma Brasil

My Poetry Corner December 2022 features the song “The Christmas Song” (A Canção de Natal) by Prisma Brasil, the opening song on their 2017 CD album of the same name. Prisma Brasil is a Brazilian Christian musical group dedicated to spreading the love of God through song.

With headquarters in Hortolândia, São Paulo, the group was founded in 1980 by the pianist Eli Prates as the Young Choir of the Adventist University Center of São Paulo (UNASP) of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Comprised of students, employees, and professors of UNASP, the group retains its youthful base as graduating members are replaced by incoming students.

Glory to God in the highest
Echoes at night in Bethlehem
Angels from heaven announce:
The Redeemer was born
Celebrate! Hallelujah!
The Messiah has come

To the world hope has been given
Reaching every tribe and nation
For all the weary and afflicted
He became flesh and offers peace
This is the hour, glorious hour
The Messiah has come! The messiah has come!
This is the Christmas song

Glory to God in the highest
Sung for generations
We no longer fear the darkness
For Christ is with us
Celebrate! Hallelujah!
Jesus saved us


Glory! Glory! Glory!
Let the people sing: Glory! Glory! Glory!
Let the earth sing: Glory! Glory! Glory!
Glory! Glory!

I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Christmas filled with peace and joy!

To read the complete featured “The Christmas Song” in English and its original Portuguese, and to learn more about Prisma Brasil, go to my Poetry Corner December 2022.