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Words: Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

In her article “We wear our words,” posted to her blog A Thousand Bits of Paper, Australian poet and storyteller Kate Duff reminds us that the words we use matter and calls on us to pay attention to the words we surround ourselves with.

What words do you live by? What words do you allow to accompany you in this life, and which have you erased from your experience? When you give your word, which word is it exactly and where does it spring from? Who do you allow to keep it, keep parts of you? Because our words, our personal words are like allies that we keep close, they are the chisels which we allow to carve out who we are, they are everything. Yet so few people look around and within to see what company they are keeping.

Excerpt from the article “We wear our words” by Kate Duff, posted on her blog January 30, 2022

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