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While the American government has decided to invest more in producing fossil fuels, the transition to affordable renewable energy is underway in major regions around the world. As investments continue to grow for the renewable energy industry, the fossil fuel industry will collapse. The transition is unstoppable: so says the Managing Director of Citigroup (9:50 on video).

Since October 2016, the cost of producing wind & solar energy has fallen below that of coal, oil, and gas. According to a German investor (21:15 video) seeking to expand his company’s portfolio in the Middle East, oil would have to fall to US$10/barrel to compete with renewal energy.

Meanwhile, our corporate-controlled government has convinced its supporters that America can become great again like it once was in the 1950s. Moving backwards inside of forwards into a sustainable and livable future on Earth.

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The Breakthrough in Renewable Energy – Documentary 2016

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