A big thank you to blogger Jerry Alatalo for sharing these video clips of Americans lining up across these United States to hear Bernie Sanders speak.

A political revolution is in the making. Where is the mainstream media?


By Jerry Alatalo

Alphabet Tuesday June 7 is the day those Americans voting in their states’ Democratic primaries for either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton decide on the nation’s future. The most important of those states is California, where some 470 delegates are going to become divided between Sanders and Clinton. Depending on the outcome of the voting in California and the remaining states on Tuesday, what has become understood across the country as “The Political Revolution” will either lose or gain momentum.

For voters in California, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico and Montana who still haven’t heard of “The Political Revolution”, the following videos from Bernie Sanders rallies during the 2016 campaign provide very good visual illustrations – and at the same time might make some wonder how it’s possible for Sanders at this point to trail Clinton…


Thanks to Tom Masuga at YouTube for his…

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