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Hillary Clinton on death of Libyan leader Muammar Ghadafi
Fox News – October 24, 2011
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We came.
We the exceptional.
We the powerful.
We the wealthiest nation on Earth.
We the liberators.
We fight to secure your human rights:
~ your right to education
~ your right to health care
~ your right to have food on the table and safe drinking water
~ your right to a roof over your head.

We saw.
We saw the criminalized homeless languishing on your city streets.
We saw the line for a meal outside your local food pantry.
We saw the crumbling roads, bridges, and water pipes.
We saw the mass incarceration of blacks and brown-skin peoples.
We saw the demonstrations for a higher minimum wage.
We saw your dead floating in the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina.
We saw your protests against police brutality in Ferguson and Birmingham.

He died!
Jesus Christ died on a cross.
Lakota Chief Sitting Bull died defending his people.
Emmett Till died by lynching at the age of fourteen.
Martin Luther King Jr. died in his struggle for African-American civil rights.
Eric Gray died, suffocated during arrest, for selling cigarettes on the street.
Tamir Rice died at the age of twelve for playing with a toy gun in a park.
Sandra Bland died in prison after a minor traffic violation.

How many more will die?
ISIS is out to kill us.
Only the gods know why.