The other side of the demonstrations to oust Brazil’s President Rousseff.

Black Brazil Today

Os negros nos protestos democráticos (2) Photo: Arnaldo Saldanha

Note from BW of Brazil: Featured in a previous post, the protests throughout Brazil calling for the end of the Dilma Rousseff presidency captured international headlines last week but several facets of the demonstrations revealed several things about Brazil. They showed that 1) Brazilians are fed up with political corruption, 2) The protests were mostly led by the middle to upper classes and 3) These classes are still mostly white. “Where are the black protesters?” was a question that arose from similar protests against Rousseff in protests of March 2015.

Well, the fact is that it is the mostly poor, black classes that have benefited most from policies initiated by the PT (Rousseff’s Workers’ Party that has ruled the country since 2003) over the past 13 years (a voting block that carried Dilma to a second term in the 2014 election) And as…

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