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Mark your calendars. February 29, 2016 is “International Leap Day.”

International Leap Day

The Leap Manifesto is a call for Canada that is “based on caring for the Earth and one another.” Now, February 29, 2016 has been declared “International Leap Day.” It’s all explained in an email from the Leap Manifesto Team:

The Leap in Paris

Early this December, Naomi Klein and the Leap Manifesto team joined thousands of activists and grassroots leaders from around the world during the UN climate negotiations in Paris. We were there to make clear that we refuse to leave our future in the hands of the world’s heads of state.

And it was an opportunity to introduce the Leap Manifesto to a global audience, alongside some of our partners from the social justice, labour, environmental and Indigenous rights movement. Read a review of our Leap event in the New Republic.

The Leap Manifesto is directly inspiring projects the world-over…

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