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As a woman and mother, I am perplexed and troubled by the latest attacks on women in the United States. Prominent men of influence and power agitate to pass laws that will dictate women’s sexual activities, their use of contraceptives, and their decision to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, even at its inception.

For a nation that is a beacon to the world and a nation that prides itself on upholding the individual rights of its citizens, this assault appears to be a return to the Middle Ages. Is this the time to beat up women when millions of American families face unemployment, homelessness, and food insecurity or right out hunger?

In the United States, citizens and non-citizens enjoy the right to individual religious affiliation or non-religion. Our upbringing, religious beliefs and practices, and personal conception of what is morally right and wrong help to determine our behavior and the choices we make in life. Our sexual relationships, whether or not deplorable to others, are based on our individual choices.

Jesus said: Be compassionate as your Father is compassionate. Do not judge, and you will not be judged yourselves; do not condemn, and you will not be condemned yourselves; grant pardon, and you will be pardoned. (The Jerusalem Bible, Luke 6: 36-37)

Does our government – a secular government that separates Church from State – have the right to determine a couple’s decision to have sex or not?

Does our government have the right to determine a couple’s method of birth control? I know from personal experience, as a married woman, that abstinence is not a reliable method of birth control.

Will state governments that seek to prevent women from obtaining contraception through their medical insurance coverage also prevent men from having vasectomies?

This current focus on women’s sexual lives and birth control practices serve only to complicate, even more, relationships between men and women. Does this assault arise from a deeper problem of insecurity among some American males in the face of a growing number of successful and independent women?

Is a woman’s decision to have only one to two children, or none at all, a threat to the designs of men-in-power?

While men-in-power are fixated on protecting the unborn life developing in women’s wombs, they have no qualms about sending our healthy sons and daughters to die in distant wars that serve their own ends. Other men-with-power ensnare our vulnerable young innocent sons and daughters into sexual slavery for their personal enrichment.

It has never been easy being a single woman, wife, and mother. In spite of all the progress women have made through education and professionalism, we are still a long way from having equal rights with men – men we nurtured in our wombs and raised to adulthood (sometimes alone).

Women open your eyes. Be informed. The day that the men who rule Earth take control of our wombs will be the day that women become mere breeders.